SmartNuclide announced the completion of nearly RMB 100 million round B financing

SUZHOU INDUSTRIAL PARK, April, 2020 – Suzhou SmartNuclide Biopharma, a company focused on research and development of nuclear medicine innovative drugs, announced the completion of round B financing of nearly 100 million yuan. This round of financing is jointly invested by Ruihe capital, Jiuyou capital, Zhongyuyingjia health investment, Xieyao venture capital. This round of financing is mainly used to promote the progress of current research and development projects, including SNA001 phase III clinical trials and post-commercial production, China&US IND for SNA002 and First In Human study of SNA006. At the same time, the financing will be used to independently establish a core platform for radiopharmaceuticals enriching pipelines and expand cooperation with leading international R & D institutions. BFC Group served as the exclusive financial advisor for this round of financing.

SmartNuclide Biopharma was established in 2015 with the mission of bringing new hope to patients with the most innovative nuclear medicine for diagnosis and treatment. It is a radiopharmaceutical company in the clinical stage, focusing on the discovery and development of innovative nuclear medicine drugs for immunotherapy imaging and treatment, bringing new hope to cancer patients. The company has several products under development, and the candidate with the fastest progress in the pipeline is SNA001, Recombinant Human Thyroid stimulating Hormone (rhTSH), which can safely and rapidly improve the level of human serum TSH, greatly reducing the pain caused by stopping taking thyroid hormone in patients with differentiated thyroid cancer before radioiodine treatment and during follow-up and reexamination. At present, SNA001 is in clinical phase III and the trial has enrolled the first patient in April. SNA001 is expected to become the first rhTSH drug in Chinese mainland.

The other research pipelines of Smart Nuclide are mainly radioactive PET / CT imaging agents for immune oncology efficacy prediction or monitoring, which can image whole-body target antigen within 1-2 hours, showing more advantageous than immunohistochemistry. Based on the unique single-domain antibody platform technology, Smart Nuclide has developed gallium 68 radioisotope-labeled targeting PD-L1 (SNA002) and tumor-infiltrating lymphocyte (SNA006) radiopharmaceuticals, which are extremely useful for clinical immunotherapy with great guide value. SNA002 is expected to apply IND both in China and US in Q3. SNA006 is expected to conduct first in human trials end of this year.

Dr. Xu Tao, CEO of Smart Nuclide, said it's a great honor to receive round B investment led by Ruihe capital, which provides strong support for the follow-up development of our product. I sincerely thank the investors for their trust in the R & D strategy, technology and related pipelines of Smart Nuclide. This financing will boost the research and development of multiple innovative radioactive drugs, so that the high-quality innovative nuclear medicine independently developed by the company can be pushed into the market as soon as possible, meeting the clinical needs and benefiting the patients.

About SmartNuclide

Based in Suzhou Industrial Park, SmartNuclide is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company focused on discovering and developing innovative biologics for nuclear medicine, with its world-leading research and development technology platform for domain antibody-radiopharmaceuticals. The company has built a broad yet unique pipeline composed of radiopharmaceuticals for both imaging and therapy and recombinant proteins for nuclear area.

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